Director of IT – CA

Join a leading record retrieval company in a key leadership role in helping to define the vision, definition, and strategy for the IT team by driving project initiatives that deliver high quality and compelling software products.  You will work closely with the executive team to provide product direction.  Responsibilities include managing and coordinating the resources and processes to deliver software releases for the suite of products, along with direct oversight of support teams.

Essential Job Fuctions

  •  Define and manage customer and internal support structure and teams.
  • Provide architectural and technical guidance to product development.
  • Ensure sound engineering design, process, and quality practices are followed.
  • Deliver finished, high quality, and compelling software products.
  • Work closely with the executive team to define product direction. This includes in-depth engineering analysis of software technologies and how to apply them to achieve business and customer objectives.
  • Monitor technology trends such as emerging standards for new technology opportunities
  • Develop and execute software engineering plans, manage software engineering schedules and resource allocation and budget. This includes managing joint development with 3rd party vendors and managing outsourced development.
  • Ensure, and create as needed, software engineering processes, practices, and operations to ensure reproducible development and high quality, while keeping costs under control.
  • Engage in hands-on, in-depth analysis, review, and design of the software, including technical review and analysis of source code. Will include reviews of in-house developed code, as well as review of technologies provided by 3rd party vendors.
  • Provide employee development and team building, along with coaching and mentoring.
  • Drive hiring, corrective action and terminations (with President and HR involvement) for IT team.
  • Participate in development of long-range planning for new projects and facilities.

Marginal Functions

  • Stay current with industry developments and incorporate as and when necessary.
  • Provide time and effort estimates as it relates to engineering effort.
  • Facilitates design reviews
  • Assist with IT training and development
  • Assist in software releases and roll-outs

Position Qualification Requirements

Educational Requirements

  • 4-year degree within appropriate Engineering/Science/IT discipline or equivalent.

Experience Requirements

  • 5+ years experience leading IT staff and coordinating project teams of 4 or more members
  • Experience with developing and delivering commercial/enterprise software.
  • 5 Years project management experience required, including experience managing development teams.
  • In-depth, hands-on knowledge of and experience with enterprise and desktop applications, including all Microsoft products
  • Familiarity with the business planning processes. Demonstrated senior thought leadership in functional technology and process-strategic direction setting by being current on engineering design principles, architectures and advancements in engineering concepts and technologies.
  • Competency developing subsystem roadmaps applying in-depth knowledge of product related technologies, technology platforms, architectures and engineering design principles and advancements

Skills and Abilities

  • Excellent people skills, with an ability to recruit, motivate and lead a team.
  • Strong product development and engineering skills.
  • Strong communications skills, both in writing and speaking. Ability to excite and motivate employees, partner, and customers with a compelling vision
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • Demonstrated expertise in functional area of interest with the ability to develop engineering specifications for major sub-systems/subassemblies, written reports on technologies and other product design recommendations within an appropriate discipline or equivalent.
  • Demonstrated ability to influence product leadership and product direction through action oriented recommendations based upon technology strategy and risk retirement. Demonstrated competency to influence, multitask and deliver results.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills and respected by technology community.
  • Strong understanding of the segment market, industry, and competitive environment/products/technologies/architectures.
  • Expertise in developing integrated program plans around the development of architectures, sub-systems or applications with an affinity in developing integration steps that minimize risk and maximize quality
  • Experience developing and driving risk mitigation plans to closure for technology feasibility models, early prototypes and product architectures and designs.
  • Ability to visualize, design, organize, and coordinate solutions to complex, possibly ill-formed scientific and/or engineering projects
  • Demonstrated ability to turn innovative concepts into product differentiation. Experience in taking innovative ideas from parallel industries and turning them into intellectual property.
  • Demonstrated skills in identifying and developing intellectual property through patents, trade-secrets and technical documentation
  • Experience developing technology concepts with demonstrated ability to develop incremental feasibility projects that enable/prove these concepts. Demonstrated competency in taking calculated risks as well as learning from past successes and failures
  • Recognized ability in coaching/mentoring technology community in relevant area(s) of expertise
  • Demonstrated ability to leverage technical networks to identify and recommend technology strategies and product ideas. Experience recruiting strong technical members.

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