Sales & Marketing Manager – Chicago, IL

Our client company is passionate about improving the efficiency of the healthcare system by delivering a cloud-based platform the monitors and improves the usage of electronic health records (EHR’s).  They are looking for a superhero: resourceful, detail-oriented and driven with the ability (and desire) to talk to anybody while keeping a smile. This talented individual will voraciously generate and qualify sales leads, assist with marketing initiatives, perform follow-up and track progress. The career path(s) associated with this role could include: building and managing an inside sales team, transitioning to outside sales, leading much of the marketing efforts.

You will be joining a growing team of talented, highly capable and grounded co-workers who prefer to be in a small professional environment where they feel they can accomplish the most. Our client offers engaging work, flexible schedules, competitive pay and stock package, and full health and dental benefits.

Here’s what we are looking for:

o 2-5 years relevant work experience
o Functional experience: Inside (or outside) sales preferred
o Industry experience: Healthcare software experience preferred
o Track record of success hitting inside or outside sales targets or marketing goals
o History of working in start-up environments
o Demonstrable research skills
o Success in taking ownership of sales-related support processes and projects
o Presentation and analysis construction skills (PowerPoint and Excel)
o CRM experience (i.e., Salesforce, Highrise)
o Experience with Constant Contact or other marketing software
o Excellent written communication skills

Had you been with us last month, some specifics of what you would have helped us with:

Generating and Qualifying Sales Leads: You would have developed a list of hundreds of large physician organizations and learned key information about each by:
• Conducting internet searches to identify organizations and key contacts
• Calling/e-mailing industry associations and our Company’s network of contacts
• Figuring out and using a number of other methods to build the list
• Figuring out how many physicians are in each practice
• Determining what Electronic Health Record system (“EHR”) the organization is using
• Assessing where the organization is in its effort to achieve Meaningful Use (“MU”)
• Speaking with potential customers to assess their current processes and generate
awareness of and interest in our solution

Worked in our CRM system to track progress: You would have captured key information about prospective customers and partners, set reminders related to follow up for you and your colleagues, outlined next steps, exported lists for use in marketing activities, segment contacts via tagging and staged organizations according to where they are in the sales pipeline.

Constant Contact: You would be a ninja with our marketing software and have responsibility for generating a steady flow of well-attended webinars and prospective customer meetings, including pre-conference and post-conference outreach, product updates and customer/partner webinars.

Marketing Material Creation: You would have been the central point of contact for creating press releases, case studies, customer testimonials in both print and video form, presentations for speaking engagements and other marketing material. This involves speaking with customers and managing graphic design, public relations and additional marketing resources. Board and Management reporting: You would be the “owner” of our sales pipeline, updating it and creating regular and ad-hoc reports that provide our Management Team and Board of Directors critical visibility into how we’re doing on the sales front and how we can improve.

Follow-Up: We really could have used your help on this last month! You would have been in touch with prospective customers to set up meetings, send follow-up materials (i.e., overview presentations, ROI analyses, business cases, etc.) and done research in preparation for key meetings. You would also would have let them know we were exhibiting at our industry’s largest trade show this month, will have specific times set aside for them to come to our booth and kept the master list of who planned to join us and when. You also would have joined us at the trade show in New Orleans and might have had the best time you’ve ever had at work.

Apply for this position if you are:
• Self-aware, selfless and relentlessly curious
• Fantastic with people of all kinds, at all “levels”
• Resourceful and a “doer”
• Mature, patient and great with people
• Collaborative and described as a “team-player”
• Honest, kind and appreciate others
• Self-directed and “own” everything you do
• A great problem-solver
• Open and reflective

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