Implementation Specialist – Chicago, IL

Our client company is looking for an outstanding project manager with strong interpersonal skills that can work with the implementation team to deliver projects on-time, utilizing appropriate resources and solidifying the relationship with the client. Work with an outstanding product offering that monitors and improves the usage of EHR’s.  They foster an open, trusting culture where their largely virtual team is empowered with the knowledge and tools to make a difference, and then left to creatively deliver without micromanagement.  You will work on exciting projects with cutting edge technology with a dynamic collaborative team providing an autonomous environment with opportunities for growth and advancement.

Here’s what we are looking for:
o 3-6 years relevant work experience
o Strong project management skills
o Experience managing multiple projects simultaneously across functional areas
o Analytical and/or technical orientation
o Data analysis and troubleshooting skills
o Excellent written communication skills
o Outstanding interpersonal skills
o Experience in the healthcare industry preferred

Had you been with us last month, you would have helped us with:
Getting a New Client “Live” on our products. You would have helped us project manage a client through the entire process of getting them live on the key products in the product suite. This would have required you to do the following:
• Initiate team meetings with the client to lead them through all parts of the implementation process, assigning key roles and responsibilities and delivering supporting documentation and assignments;
• Lead discussions with client and technical team to determine the optimal design to connect with the client’s EHR environment;
• Coordinate with our technical team to ensure that they have all of the proper accesses and contact names to initiate the connector build;
• Analyze client data trends and Meaningful Use progress. Field client questions related to MU program details and best practices;
• Develop a training schedule and, where necessary, deliver training to key resources. This step may require you to modify existing training documentation to meet the unique client situation;
• Document meetings, next steps, timelines and communicate all to both the internal team as well as to the client.

Building our Operations, Implementation and Account Management Infrastructure: After spending time with a few implementations and interfacing with clients and amazing implementation team, you would have been asked to help support efforts to scale our implementation efforts. This means you might have:
• Created documents that can be re-used for new implementations;
• Documented Standard Operating Procedures and checklists that streamline the getting started process;
• Identified reporting needs to assist in identifying outliers or customer issues before they reach a crisis;
• Developed new communications (e.g., training, introductions, etc.) that better tell the story and prepare clients for using the product suite;
• Participated in brainstorming with greater team to identify methodologies and product development that can improve scalability.

Join a team of highly capable and grounded co-workers, engaging work, casual dress, flexible schedules, competitive pay and stock package, and full health and dental benefits. Must be comfortable working in a virtual environment using video conferencing and periodic in-person meetings. The team has the ability to work without much oversight and continually demonstrates their work ethic and their alignment with company goals.

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