What not to put in a cover letter

I came across this article about what not to put in a cover letter by Dave Johnson and thought that it contained useful information.  He makes a very valid point that most
job seekers don’t put much thought into their cover letter after spending most of their time crafting a resume.  Cover letters are important!  Please see the article below.

What not to put in a cover letter
By Dave Johnson

Cover letters don’t get much love. After pouring their heart and soul into fine-tuning a resume, many job-seekers send it off with a fast-and-dirty letter, sometimes as an afterthought while trying to upload to a job site. That makes a poor impression.

I’ve already told you why a cover letter is important. Recently, personal finance site Wisebread listed a handful of what you might call worst practices — things not to put in a cover letter. Here are the highlights:

Don’t claim to be the ideal candidate. Most of the recommendations in Wisebread can probably be summarized by saying, “Don’t write like a high-schooler,” and this one is no exception. Yes, I’ve seen plenty of cover letters that contend the candidate is the best possible person for the job. That’s just dumb. Unless you know all the candidates for the position, not to mention in-depth knowledge of the details of the role, focus on your actual skills and experience.

Don’t say you’re a hard worker. This one might be excusable if you’re new to the job market, but if you’ve been around a while and you’re trying to advance your career by emphasizing how hard you work rather than how effectively or efficiently you work, or — most important — what you actually accomplish, no competent hiring manager will give you a second thought.

Don’t be impersonal. Never, ever write, “To whom it may concern.” Address the cover letter to a specific person — either the hiring manager or the HR representative. You can do a little detective work on the company’s Website or on LinkedIn to find the right name, or just call the company’s HR office and ask; often, they’ll just tell you. If you aren’t sure, though, my recommendation is to not address it to anyone at all. I’d rather get a cover letter that omits the greeting entirely than be confronted by “dear hiring manager.”

Don’t say when you’ll follow up. For some reason, some people were taught that they should write in a cover letter that they’ll follow up, often at a specific date and time. That’s insane! Forget that might you be unable to call the HR rep at the time you specified — the bigger issue is that you absolutely should never do this. Don’t attempt to take control of the hiring process by proactively contacting the company. Nothing good will ever come of it.

Soarian Consultant

Join a leading technology consulting firm that is seeking professionals that have a passion for healthcare. They are committed to provided strategic solutions for top hospitals in the country.


•    Certification or relevant experience in Soarian programs:
•    Clinical Access – Results
•    Common Clinicals – Orders
•    Clinical Team – Documentation/Assessments
•    CPOE – Physician Order Entry
•    Workflow/Rules Engine
•    Financials
•    Scheduling
•    Enterprise Document Management (EDM)
•    Health Information Management (HIM)
•    Hospital IT work experience
•    Good communication skills
•    Willing to travel – Consultants typically travel for work from Monday to Thursday and work around 35 hours a week.

Excellent compensation and benefit package.

Data Architect

Join a fast growing organization that provides a comprehensive data warehouse for healthcare systems that contains clinical, financial, patient experience data integrated into a single repository for analytics. The Data Architect participates in all aspects of the design, development, and deployment of data marts the data warehouse solution.  The Data Architect will also participate in analyzing the warehouse data, developing advanced visualizations, and interacting with clinical staff to empower meaningful improvements to healthcare.

 Desired Technical Skills include working knowledge of:

  • Database principles, processes, technologies and tools
  • Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • RDBMS systems (MS SQL Server or Oracle)
  • Data Architecture, e.g., data modeling / data normalization, database design and tuning for On-Line
    Transaction Processing (OLTP) and On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) information systems, and
    relational and dimensional architectures
  • Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) into a data warehouse
  • Data Modeling tools (Toad, ER Studio, Visio)
  • Software development methodologies including the Systems Development Lifecycle

Desired Relevant Experience:

  • Any work experience in the healthcare domain will be valuable
  • Any work experience in data warehousing/analytics will be valuable

Required Functional Skills

  • Effective written and verbal communication and presentation skills
  • High comfort level interacting with colleagues and with various levels of client organizations
  • Strong sense of customer service to consistently and effectively addresses customer needs
  • Ability to deal with highly sensitive and confidential information and adhere to data security and confidentiality protocols and procedures
  • Ability to mentor other team members with lesser experience and skill sets
  • Acts independently under general direction

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Perform analyses that ensure established requirements are met
  • Design and construct data structures that meet project requirements and that comply with EDW design standards and principles
  • Develop Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) applications
  • Understand and implement client, project, and security requirements
  • Manage client projects and provide technical oversight; ensure assigned projects are executed efficiently and according to project requirements.
  • Ensure project deliverables comply with team and organizational standards and principles
  • Participate in development of data marts in-house using a sample data set
  • All other duties as assigned
  • Work remotely and travel 25%

Education & Relevant Experience

  • BS/BA in information or business-related field or equivalent relevant work experience
  • 0-5 years’ experience in technology or technology related field

Excellent compensation package!  

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