How To Stand Out When Searching for a Job

When reviewing resumes I have noticed that the majority do not stand out.  If you want to get noticed and win interviews you need consider some of these tips in your job search strategy.  Most people send the standard resume to every job that they apply to.  Most resumes read like a job description and do not reflect the job seekers best and unique qualities and their ability to solve the employer’s problems. Your resume should reflect the important qualities that the organization is seeking and you can do this by listing related accomplishments.   Employers are seeking people who have the talent, skills and motivation to provide value.  Most candidates usually know very little about the organization when they sit down to an interview.

Knowledge about the company and industry:  Do your homework, find out details about the company and industry.  Most candidates know something about the company but take it a step further and ask yourself what challenges the company may be facing and how will the role that you are applying for will affect those changes or provide value.  This will make it easier for you to talk about your ability to perform the job.

Look inside:  Take time to check out the company.   See if any of your connections know someone the works at the company, they may be able to provide you with an inside perspective.  If they are a public company you may look at their most recent financial reports.  You can go to and see what current or former employee comments were made.  It may provide you an idea of company culture.  Also look on Twitter or Facebook and see what comments are made.  Look for articles about the company, see if they are positive.

Find out who works there: Most company websites have information on their executive team.  Visit LinkedIn, where you can view professional profiles, look to see if you have common connections with them.  You can look at the interests of the people who will be interviewing you or working with you. See where they went to school, what books they are reading, and industry or professional groups they belong to.

It pays to do your research.  Not only will it prepare you for the interview, but it will help you decide if this is a company you want to work for.

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