You should update your resume for each position that you are applying for and review it for effectiveness. Remember that your resume if the first impression that employer’s have of you, it should present your skills and qualifications in the best possible light. It should send a positive and powerful message.

List accomplishments, not duties:
You want to include only the most impressive details about your career. Your statements should include metrics whenever possible. For example you may state that you “helped solve customer service problems”, this statement will not excite them. However, this
statement will make you stand out “successfully resolved more than 1,000 customer service complaints in a year leading to a 150% increase in positive responses on customer satisfaction surveys”.  You can turn duties into achievements by
quantifying daily tasks. Look at what you did, what was the result and how much money
did I save the company.

Incorporate skills and experience from the job description:
Review the job description and make sure that you incorporate key skills and experience the employer is seeking into your resume. This will allow the prospective employer to correlate how your experience relates to the qualities that they are seeking for the position.

Professional Summary:
Skip listing an objective at the top of your resume. You can list top achievements in either a short paragraph or a bulleted list.  Most employers are quickly reading resumes and are seeking key information on the candidate.

Social Media Profiles:
It is not uncommon for prospective employers to research candidates through social media, so it is important that your profiles match your resume.  If the dates of employment or job history don’t match your resume it could raise concern.  It is also a good idea to take time to ensure that your social media profiles match the same professional picture that your resume does.

Remember to proofread you resume.  Employers take spelling and grammar errors as signs of carelessness. Take 10 minutes to proofread your resume, it could mean the difference between getting an interview and getting rejected. Pass it to a friend or colleague to review too.

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