Our Managing Partners have over 50 years of combined recruiting industry experience and are passionate about providing talent that you cannot find on your own. We are committed to ensuring that our clients hire exceptional talent. We do this by contacting passive candidates in the marketplace, presenting your opportunity and representing your company as a top employer. Our customer service is second to none, we are extremely responsive to your needs and provide superior service.

We collaborate with you to complete searches that succeed. First and foremost, we take the time to learn about your company objectives and culture to make the perfect match and develop long-term partnerships. Then, using our expertise, vast resources and experience obtained from helping countless companies, we follow a specific Recruitment Process to focus our efforts on locating the talent you are looking for.

Our Recruitment Process:

➣ Identification: Needs analysis including position details and requirements, and focus on company attributes

to identify the talent you need

➣ Research: Development of a strategic recruiting plan to source top talent, in-depth candidate research is


➣ Recruiting: Possible candidates are sought out from competing companies and parallel industries

➣ Assessment: This is a crucial step in the process where in-depth candidate interviews are conducted, so you can

be assured that candidates possess the skills and attributes required and will be a valuable contributor to the company

➣ Interviewing: Qualified candidate presentation, combined client and candidate debriefs at each step in the hiring


➣ Acceptance: We work with you throughout the offer process, including offer negotiation and presentation to

ensure acceptance

You will never see a candidate from us that does not meet the following three criteria:

➣They must meet 90% of the criteria for the position

➣They must be in your salary range

➣They must be motivated by more than just money

You can go back to focusing on your business while we identify and fully screen candidates and present only the qualified ones, so that you are not wasting your time.  Our targeted approach provides candidates that satisfy 90% of your wish list so you can focus on the best.  With our exceptional customer service you will always know where we are in your search process and never feel like you are out of the loop.

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